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Intellectual property right (IPR) and in particular Patent is playing a key role in the current Knowledge-based economy of any country. Changes in the global economic environment and development of information technology have influenced the development of innovative business models, like Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Business tie-ups, Brand equitation, Outsourcing of technology, Licensing of technology, E-commerce and like. In all these newer business models, it is very important to quantify the intangible assets owned by the company entering into such type of new business models.

Henceforth it is important for all Directors, Strategic managers, Charted accountants (CA), Business Development Executives, Financial institution officers (Bank officers), Private consultants, Technology transfer officials, Angle investors, Venture Capitalists, Manager of Start-up Incubators, Government officials dealing with industrial promotional activities to understand about different forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) like Patent, Design, Trademark, Copyright etc. and to understand how to do valuation of intangible assets protected by means of different forms of IPR. This will help them to enter into innovative business models as mentioned above.


Further, to increase the skilled human resource that are not only technically sound but also having in-depth knowledge of IP valuation and management, GTU is going to start 6-month certification course on “IP valuation and management” course from January 2016.


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“On current trends, it is estimated that by 2030, Asia’s economy will be larger than that of the United States and European Union combined with the region’s share of world GDP swelling from a little under 30 percent closer to more than 40 percent. Twenty years from now, Asia’s economy as a whole will, on these trends, be larger than that of the G-7 [Group of Seven leading economies] and will be half the size of the G-20 [Group of Twenty advanced and emerging market economies], These are incredible trends taking place.” - Anoop Singh, Chief- IMF Asia.

In the Global MBA program of GTU, the specialization of Asian Business has been launched to meet the need of emerging business environment in Asia. GTU’s Centre for Global Business Studies (CGBS) has inaugurated the Indo-East Asian study Centre on 23rd December 2014 to enhance the research and academic capabilities of GTU MBA students, especially in the emerging Asian markets. The Centre also works for creating a platform to encourage the business communities in India and the East Asian countries to actively participate and explore the opportunities in bilateral trade.

Looking at the increasing connectivity of GTU with various foreign Universities as well as the fact that Gujarat is the most advanced state of India, we are expecting a considerable numbers of foreign students to come to GTU for studying the ecosystem of doing and managing businesses in India as well as Asia. So to harvest this synergy, GTU’s CGBS is going to start 6-month certification course on “ASIAN BUSINESS & GANDHIAN PHILOSOPHY FOR MANAGING BUSINESS” from April 2016. The Courses will be offered by the academic team of GTU’s PG Research Centres through E- mode.

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