About IPR Cell

Under the visionary leadership of Honb. Dr. Akshai K. Aggarwal, Vice-chancellor, GTU has successfully organized various activities for IPR awareness by organizing faculty workshops and student workshops on various themes viz. “Patenting in Engineering”, “Patenting in Pharmaceuticals”, “Patent Search Methodology”, “PSAR”, “Patent Clinic” “PSTL” and “PDE” for GTU affiliated colleges since from September 2011. By all such workshops and seminar at present GTU has a very large pool of nearly 4500 trained faculty, who have been trained and made aware about the basics of IPR/Patents in particular and also for the basics of patent search methodologies. Due to these efforts, within 4 years’ time period more than 354 Patents have been filed by GTU affiliated college students and faculty of Engineering and Pharmacy discipline. The credit goes to the students, faculty and all the stake holder of research and innovation, who have actively engaged in the promotion of IPR and innovations. Further, to increase the skilled human resource that are not only technically sound but also having in-depth knowledge of IPR and patents, GTU has launched “Post Graduate Diploma in IPR” course since September 2014 and now preparing to launch certificate course on IP Valuation and Management (IPVM).

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